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Our work isn't over!

There are several important citywide run-off elections taking place in the state of Georgia. We must get out to vote on Tuesday, December 3rd! See resources below to find more information about the specific candidates running for each upcoming elections.

Albany | Mayoral & City at Large Election
Vote on Tuesday, Dec 3rd

Mayoral Candidates 

Bo Dorough

Dorthy Hubbard

Ward 6 Candidates 

Demetrius Young

John Hawthorne

Valdosta | Mayoral Election
Vote on Tuesday, Dec. 3rd

Mayoral Candidates 

J.D. Rice

Scott James Matheson

At- Large City Council Candidates 

Adrian Rivers

Ben Norton

Savannah | Mayoral Election
Election on Tuesday, Dec. 3rd

Mayoral Candidates 

Alderman Van Johnson

Eddie DeLoach



Even if you've already voted, or even if you're NOT registered to vote, you can still help spread the word! Encourage 5 friends to vote! It will take you less than a minute.

1. Copy the text below:

Hey, we have an important election coming up on December 3rd!


I'm asking 5 friends/family to vote, and YOU'RE one of them! 

2. Paste it into a text message to a friend or family member and send it.

3. Then send it to four other friends. That's it! (For bonus points, you can also copy the text into a social media post!)

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