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Louisiana has a major election on Nov. 16th! In addition to voting for governor, there are important state legislative seats. Funding for important program like Medicaid and WIC could be eliminated!

Check out the resources below for voters and partners!

Check your voter registration status or find your polling place. Click the link below. 

Get rewarded with prizes for spreading the word and making a voter plan using MOTIVOTE.

Not sure about voting because you don't know who's on the ballot? Use our online voter guide to learn more about every candidate on your ballot, make a plan to vote. Bring your saved ballot to the polls and if you'd like, share your saved ballot with friends. Click below and then select "Louisiana".

Even if you've already voted, or even if you're NOT registered to vote, you can still help spread the word! Encourage 5 friends to vote! It will take you less than a minute.

1. Copy the text below:

Hey, we have an important election coming up on November 16th! I'm asking 5 friends/family to vote, and YOU'RE one of them! For more info about the issues and candidates, go to http://www.blackvotersmatterfund.org/louisiana

2. Paste it into a text message to a friend or family member and send it.

3. Then send it to four other friends. That's it! (For bonus points, you can also copy the text into a social media post!)