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TUESDAY, October 8th, Montgomery will hold important city elections for mayor as well as some city council seats.

Steven Reed

  • Steven Reed has been a critic of voter ID laws and an advocate for protecting voting rights and expanding voter participation;

  • Believes in reducing crime by acknowledging the need for economic support and social services.

  • Wants to increase funding for public schools.

David Woods

  • David Woods, who supports discriminatory voter ID laws, has been complaining about so callled "election fraud", sounding very similar to Donald Trump

  • Has been running as a "law and order" candidate, and would expand current policing practices that harm the Black community.

  • Wants to fire teachers and supports private school policies that have hurt public schools where predominantly Black children attend.

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Check your voter registration status. Click the link below. 

Need to find your polling place based on an address, click the link below. NOTE: The site will give you a polling place based on the address you enter, but will only be accurate if that is the address matched to your actual voter registration info.


  • Are you having a problem at the polling place?

  • Is your name not on the voter list? 

The ACLU is providing an election protection hotline: 334.420.1748.  Callers can leave a voicemail that will allow us to track their inquiry and follow-up on the complaint. This line will be checked throughout the day from 7am-7pm, by their Staff Attorney.



Even if you've already voted, or even if you're NOT registered to vote, you can still help spread the word! Encourage 5 friends to vote! It will take you less than a minute.

1. Copy the text below:

Hey, we have an important election coming up on October 8th! I'm asking 5 friends/family to vote, and YOU'RE one of them! For more info about the issues (like policing and schools), go to http://bit.ly/bvmalabama

2. Paste it into a text message to a friend or family member and send it.

3. Then send it to four other friends. That's it! (For bonus points, you can also copy the text into a social media post!)